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(Photo credit: A. Perez)

The start of a new day, sunrise. Each is different than the one before it and some are hidden behind clouds and rain. We often picture the best ones happening over an ocean, a lake, mountains, or other beautiful terrain missing from most of our back yards. What’s the beauty, for example, in the sun rising over my neighbor’s house? Not much. Usually.

Every now and then, however, we get a celestial gift. I experienced one such sunrise last month. January. For the Chicago suburbs, that’s usually the ugliest month for anything outside but on this particular day, conditions were just right.

I saw the beauty brewing that morning while walking my dog just before the sun rose. Not long after, a local social media page I follow had multiple posts from area residents talking about it, most sharing the pictures taken from their vantage points. One such image was a spot in my town I’m not familiar with, but am now on a mission to find. An unknown neighbor captured the scene at its most beautiful. One minute before or after would have been far less awe inspiring.

I enjoy blending colors and this photo provided the perfect opportunity to blend several. The majority of the color is in the sky, as everything else was little more than a shadow. Bare trees and a street lamp served as supporting characters to the lead actor. The sun.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to paint. The holidays come with a flurry of activity that doesn’t let up for months. By February, the Midwest craves sunshine like never before and painting this one brought me joy. I hope it brings you a smidge too.


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