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New birth year. New school year. New bosses. New roles. New adventures.

Some changes are good while others can present challenges. This summer I turned a year older, our daughter began a new school, shifts at work have changed my boss and some of my job functions while my husband’s work has experienced similar shifts, and we began camping as a family; something I notoriously dislike, though it’s growing on me with the comfort of a camper.

None of these new things are bad. But it is a lot, and it’s not even a complete list. When I look back on my life, even before I met my husband, I see other patches that had similar, and in some cases more, new things happening at the same time, and I survived them all. Some others around me didn’t fare as well leaving me fascinated by the different responses we all have to change. Apparently, I do okay in it.

My hiatus from painting anything new in a while has left me feeling a little lost, and so I took to trying a new technique to paint a flower. Inspired by other paintings I’ve seen in recent months, and my “new-ish” favorite color blue, I decided to paint many flowers in a monotone scene. I like the simplicity of the petals and the color is a darker blue that my dining room needs. I’m unsure what my evolving favorite color says about me, or what my choice for a monotone painting might mean amidst all the change currently under way, but it makes for a nice addition to a room, and a jump start to new painting momentum that I hope might remain. For a little while, at least.

Cheers to change, and its many opportunities.


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