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I find doors interesting. So many things happen behind them that most never see, making the statement a door makes all the more fascinating. Whether it’s plain or ornate, ugly or beautiful, what happens behind that door is, well, family. Friends. Joy. Pain. Laughter. Worry. Life happens and before we know it, it’s gone in the blink of an eye. And so my fascination in doors begins; an attempt to glean any little nugget of the lives behind them.

Other people’s lives are inspiring. Not to compare oneself to, but more for a reality check. You’re not the only one that argues. You’re not the only one that’s passive. You’re not the only one with equal positive parts as you have negative. And every day, you walk in and out of your front door to experience life on both sides of it. These doorways were painted from photographs; two that I took and one a loved one took. They are from the Greek island of Chios; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; and Valletta on the Mediterranean Island of Malta. Though an attempt to capture the reality of each, I can’t help but admire the beauty in not just the structures, but what I imagine in the lives behind them. I find inspiration in them, as a reminder to myself to walk through the next door, real or proverbial, that opens itself to me. Because there are no accidents in life. All of it, from joy to sorrow, happens for a reason. And it’s all beautiful, even when we can't see the beauty just yet.


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